Eucatape will positively change the way you perform, featuring a cooling sensation that helps fight against fatigue and natural anti-inflammatory properties that rejuvenate your hands and feet to promote healing.



Eucatape is a tough fabric tape that protects your hands and feet from blisters, bruises, cracks, cuts, and irritation. When finished, it comes off easily without any sticky residue, leaving your hands feeling soft and refreshed.

  • "Eucatape was an instant game-changer in helping me deal with the rigors of hand drumming while on extended tours."

    -- Taku Hirano- Percussionist for Fleetwood Mac

  • "Blisters are a huge issue for dancers. Eucatape helps heal and prevent blisters and smells like a spa!"

    -- Ellen Waller- Owner & Operator of TARGET TRAINING (specializes in Irish Dance Strength and Conditioning)

  • "I'm so pumped to have Eucatape as product on the market, it truly is the best dancing tape out there."

    -- Tyler Schwartz- World Champion Irish Dancer



Research shows that one of the many benefits of eucalyptus oil is its anti-imflammatory properties. When used topically on the skin, eucalyptus can help to reduce muscle pain, soreness, and swelling.


Eucatape features incredibly durable fabric tape that keeps your skin protected from the wear and tear of your active lifestlye.


Eucatape stays in place better than other tapes and even gloves. And with its natural straightforward materials, you can feel good knowing there are no harsh chemicals and no sticky residues left on your skin