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Eucatape for Golfing

Eucatape for Golfing

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Eucatape for Golfing heals and protects your hands while golfing better than gloves, whether you're playing a round of golf or enjoying a long driving range session.

Improve your swing without the worry of blisters, cuts, chafing, or dry skin. Simply apply Eucatape Golfing Tape to your hands and/or fingers before a game to help protect yourself from injury.

TAKE A SWIM IN THE POND – Eucatape is sweat-proof, stays where you stick it, stretchy enough to move with each swing, and has a soothing cooling sensation due to the natural eucalyptus oils infused within the tape. Makes for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

HEALS – Eucatape is infused with eucalyptus oil that soothes blisters, cracks, and cuts with its natural anti-inflammatory properties and leaves your skin feeling soft with no sticky residue. 

★ Physical Therapist Recommended: "The healing qualities of Eucatape can enhance one’s golf ability while protecting their most precious commodities: their hands."

**ALLERGY NOTE: if you are allergic to eucalyptus oil, DO NOT USE**

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Eucatape for Golfing synergistically heals, protects, and strenthens your hands while golfing and provides a better grip than traditional gloves.


Featuring a cooling sensation that helps fight against fatigue, natural anti-inflammatory healing properties that rejuvenate your skin, and tough fabric tape for added protection, Eucatape is one accessory that you will never want to golf without.



Eucatape is a eucalyptus-infused golf grip tape ideal for golfers of all skill levels looking to improve their swing and protect their hands from the pain, blisters, irritation, and chaffing that may come along with playing golf.


    Golf gloves can get in the way of you and your swing and even cause blisters! Eucatape is sweatproof and lightweight, while providing protection. When you are ready, Eucatape removes easily without any sticky residue, leaving hands feeling soft and refreshed.


    We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our tapes. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, so if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied simply return your tape to us within 30 days for a complete refund.

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• Includes one 10 yard long x 1 ½” wide roll of Eucatape in a sturdy reusable tin.

• Natural Eucalyptus infused oil smells great and helps you golf longer with less fatigue.

• For men, women, and kids of all skill levels looking to golf more comfortably with added stability.

• Lightweight, sweatproof, flexible, and grips well.

• Golf gloves may bulge causing cuts or blisters and get between you and the golf club. Eucatape allows for better handing of your club while healing and protecting your hands / fingers.

• Great as a golf gift for yourself or a loved one.

• 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Enhance your grip while healing and protecting your hands from blisters, chaffing, and irritation. Order your Eucatape for Golfing today.


Here are a few helpful tips for applying Eucatape to best serve you if you’re wondering where to start or just want some insight from us: 

• Many golfers struggle with hand irritations during a golf game. Wrapping your individual fingers can protect you from blisters, cuts, calluses, and other injuries. Eucatape will stay put and allow you still have the mobility you need to keep perfecting your perfect golf swing. 

• Some will also put Eucatape on the upper palms of their hands where their hand rests on the golf club when they swing. This allows them to have more grip while also reducing the pain of the open sores on their hands. The last thing you want is for something like a blister or cut to disrupt your game.  

These are just a few uses, but Eucatape is designed to be used by YOU for YOUR needs, so use it how you see fit!


If I am allergic to Eucalyptus should I use this?
No, unfortunately this is not the product for you.  

How long is the roll of tape?  How wide is the roll of tape?
Eucatape is 10 Yds long, and 1 1/2 inches wide.

How did Eucatape Start?
For the past 13 years (over 130 shows a year), I've been using tape to protect my hands while playing. One fateful day my wife convinced me to visit a spa with her, and with much hesitance, I ended up going. While I was there, I noticed an overwhelmingly relaxing scent in the air. The massage therapist told me it was Eucalyptus. Then and there, a lightbulb went off in my head. I started thinking, "Why are my feet so ticklish", no, I'm kidding, I instead found myself wondering if I could incorporate this amazing smell with the tape I use on my hands when playing drums.

I began infusing my hand drumming tape with Eucalyptus and found that it not only had a soothing element to it, it actually enhanced the way I played. I felt as if I could play longer, and because of the smell, I enjoyed my drumming environment more. As a bonus, the healing qualities in Eucalyptus meant my hands weren't hurting as much. Eucalyptus is a powerful little plant that has transformed the way I work, and I hope that it will bring healing to others as well. 

Who is Drum Nerd?

Drum Nerd is Ryan Lacey. Over the past 19 years, Ryan has been touring, recording, and co-producing for the internationally acclaimed band Gaelic Storm. Prior to his career, Ryan graduated from Los Angeles Music College with two degrees, one in hand percussion and one for drum set. Ryan has since worked as a touring musician throughout Europe for bands such as Guava, Orangewood, and Sarah Lynch. He also performed in the Off-Broadway Show "Repo the Genetic Opera" in their house band. When it went on to become a major motion picture, Ryan was a part of the band that recorded the soundtrack. His passion for music has continued to inspire him in his efforts to bring healing to others, with Eucatape.